How To Fix Cloudy Pool Water

A cloudy pool is a very common occurrence for swimming pool owners. Cloudy pool water can occur overnight.

If you have been struggling to clear up your cloudy pool water, it may be your sand filter. The first step when you need to get rid of cloudy pool water is to check the pool chemicals, as having them be even just a little bit off can lead to your pool water clouding up. Use a pool water test kit and take note of what your current chlorine level is, as not having enough chlorine is the most common cause of cloudy pool water. Cloudy water also can be the result of any of several different causes.


The more you know about the problem, the simple it will be for you to avert cloudy swimming pool water in the future. Toss him in the water and let him take your pool water from cloudy to clear fast. There are also products available for pools with heavy oil buildup (e.g. sunscreens), which combine natural clarifiers and oil-eating enzymes to provide a quick fix for cloudy water.

By using Pool Floc , you can clear your cloudy swimming pool overnight (with a little extra work on your part). I have the same cloudy blue sky water like you; asked the pool guy I’ll pay him for the service but he said I’m very close getting my water crystal clear. Cloudy pool water is the number one problem that is called in to any pool company.

Many of us don’t spend time thinking about the quality of our pool water until the swimming pool becomes cloudy. Troubleshooting swimming pool issues can be a challenge, especially when all you want to do is fix the problem so you and your family can enjoy your pool! Sometimes it’s hard to get people in the pool when it’s cloudy but it will help.

You also need to take a few other things into consideration as well, such as the type of problems you will need the filter to fix. The pool filter will pull water from the floor of the swimming pool using the manual vacuum and release the filtered clean water at the top of the pool leaving you with a crystal clear swimming pool. Only swim in a pool if the water looks clear and not cloudy – you should be able to see right to the bottom.

Usually a double shock treatment will be enough treatment to fix the problem and then leave enough residual chemical to protect the pool water from new threats. They can tell you what chemicals you need and diagnose the water properties of your pool. If all the pool chemical levels test in range, the cloudy pool water is caused by fine debris suspended in the pool water.

There are a number of reasons that could cause your pool to be cloudy, which is why it can be difficult to pin point the cause and fix it. The number one cause for cloudy pool water is the inconsistency of the chlorine in the pool. Pool Floc: Flocculants are chemicals used in pools to quickly relieve cloudy water.

Also make sure your pool is running long enough to move all your water through your filter at least 2 times per day if you are trying to clear up cloudy water. Water filtration is actually the major cause of cloudy water. Imbalanced amounts of pool chemicals may make your water cloudy.

Not having the pool running and circulating will also cause the pool to turn cloudy. The quickest way to fix this is to shock your pool-the high dose of chlorine will kill the algae quickly. There could be many reasons for cloudy pool water, so check out this list and see if any apply to your swimming pool.

Several years ago I had cloudy water that I could not get filter system was working properly, all the levels were ideal, the filter was clean and clarifier did not resolve the cloudy water. Therefore cloudy pool water is the result of algae growth. We tried MANY other products from the local pool store to clear our super cloudy water.

Normally when you have regular cloudy pool water that comes out of nowhere, it’s swimming pool algae. Cloudy swimming pool water is not only uninviting for swimmers, but is also indicative of problems in the pool water chemistry and can affect the health of those using the pool.