How to Vacuum a Pool the Right Way

You will need to hook the vacuum hose cuff to the vacuum head. If that is the case you will need to vacuum your pool by on the pool pump to vacuum the pool. Proper swimming pool maintenance requires that you vacuum your pool. If your vacuum hose has a swivel be sure to hook this end to the vacuum head as it helps to prevent the hose from tangling.

Connect the vacuum pool hose to the top of the vacuum head and submerge it in the water. Connect the vacuum head to the tele-pole and then connect the swivel end of the vacuum hose (if equipped) to the vacuum head. Many swimming pool shoppers and owners question whether or not they need an automatic vacuum with their swimming pool.

A commercial pool vacuum head is a key component in properly maintaining a commercial pool. He then very slowly and patiently used the vacuum head and hose to vacuum the algae to waste. Attach the vacuum head to the telescopic pole; and attach either end of the vacuum hose to the top of the vacuum head. Do you have the right tools for the job?

After attaching the vacuum head to the telescoping pole, one end of the vacuum hose is attached to the outlet fitting on the vacuum head and the vacuum head is submerged to the bottom of the deepest part of the pool. If you have a sand filter, DO NOT BACKWASH THE FILTER BEFORE VACUUMING. Pool vacuums clean away dirt and debris in your pool to keep the water and inside of the pool clean and clear.

Be sure that the vacuum head is firmly secured to the pool otherwise you may be fishing out the vacuum head from the pool bottom. Every manual pool vacuum should consist of a vacuum head, a hose and a pole. It is like a manual pool vacuum since you move it around the pool in much the same way, vacuuming up leaves, sand.

Place vacuum head into the pool and feed vacuum hose under the water until all the hose is submerged with no air inside tube. A pool vacuum derives vacuum force from the pool circulation pump. Attach a skim vacuum to one end of your vacuum hose and place this end by the skimmer (with the basket in the skimmer) that you are going to vacuum from.

When you vacuum the pool, what should the valve on the sand filter be set at? In this configuration, vacuum force from the pump is diverted through the hose to the vacuum head at the bottom of the pool. There are 2 settings that you can vacuum; FILTER or WASTE.

I do not have a problem getting sand up with my vacuum attachment. Vacuuming an inground swimming pool is a standard maintenance procedure. It is never a good idea to empty your inground swimming pool.

Slowly and patiently, scan the bottom surface of the swimming pool with your garden hose pool vacuum.